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Day 10: Close quarters and a lot of nickels

Today will undoubtedly go down as the least stimulating day of my trip. So you should probably just stop reading here. Just kidding, but I will keep it brief.


When I awoke we were rolling across Nebraska. I was hoping we would swing through Gatlin, so I could wave to my friends Isaac, Malachi, Job, and He Who Walks Behind the Rows, but no such luck. (If you get that reference, let's stay friends forever). 


Iowa was next. Now I'm sure that these are both fine states, but the route Amtrak takes through each is, shall we say, less than titillating. I will say that Iowa is very green, and each little hamlet we passed through looked sweet and folksy, with ladies outside hanging clothing to dry or working in their flower beds. 


I'll include only one picture, but I think it's enough to fully encapsulate the day's scenery.  


So it was a quiet day, and I got a lot of editing done, until the brother and sister duo seated behind me once again roused from their slumber. And boy was she once again a ball of sunshine. She had somehow managed to be bored by the splendors of Colorado, and quite vocal about it, so you can imagine how she reacted to Iowa. If I had a nickel for every time she 'Could not wait to be off that f'ing train' I could have dined on filet that night at dinner service. On and on she went, Princess Grace herself, with each and every way in which the train f'ing sucked, and how next time she was flying instead. I considered passing the hat around to see who was willing to chip in to make sure of that! But that's all a part of coach travel. For good or or bad, you have very little control over your surroundings. Unfortunately, with little else going on, her negativity was catching. And then the train experienced a 3 hour delay, so by the time we pulled into Chicago's Union Station, let's just say none of us who had shared that leg of the journey lingered around for goodbye hugs or to exchange contact info.  


45 minutes and one delicious sandwich from the Corner Kitchen later, and I was on the Midnight Train to Memphis. Day 10, down like a cheap shot of gin.


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