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Day 12: Memphis vs Mojito

The main purpose of this trip sometimes gets lost in my day to day adventures, so I'l state it here as a reminder to myself- The goal is to get my book edited. The whole thing, from beginning to end. At 400+ pages that's a big undertaking, and I'm falling behind. So today had to be all about editing.

I slept through breakfast, went for yet another jog(walk) around town, dined on Bbq and green beans for lunch, and then went off in search of a good spot to work. It wasn't hard to find. I forget sometimes, with my love of all things Beale St, that outside of all that, Memphis can be quite picturesque.  The Mississippi River, the green parks, the jogging trails that are perpetually in use.  Even the skyline is attractive, in a subtle sort of way. 

I found a spot in a riverfront park on a stretch of grass under a tree, and there I worked for 3 solid hours. Then, feeling like I had earned a treat, I headed back to the hotel rooftop bar, and ordered a coconut mojito to sip on while I continued diligently editing away. This was not to be. It may have been work time in my mind, but to everyone else, it was party time. I mean, I've never been so popular! Even with my pen and pages in hand, everyone wanted to chat. And as much as I wanted to stay and play, I knew I'd be disappointed in myself if I rolled back into North Carolina with an unfinished manuscript. So I bid goodbye to the drinks yet to be drunk, and the friends yet to be made, and now I'm back in my room with a sandwich, and 20 pages of manuscript to complete before bedtime. And I'm just fine with that, because is there is no buzz equivalent to the high you get from reaching your goals. Day 12, you have been shelved.


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