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Day 14: Play Ball!


I purposely planned several overnighters on the train during my trip, figuring I would not only save money by doing so, but I'd also get some miles covered while I snoozed away. Win, win, right? Well, except for one minor factor- you don't really sleep on the train, you nap. So when we rolled into Chicago at 6am, and it was time for me to disembark for a while, I was vibrating with sleep deprivation.


But Chicago is one of those places that's abuzz with energy, and I was only in the city a short time before I felt wide awake- walking around, people watching, and craning my neck to try to see the tops of some of those dizzyingly high skyscrapers. I found a locker to store my luggage, then found a McDonald's that offered Wifi, so I set up my laptop, and got down to business, busting out several pages before noon rolled around, and it was time to go find my brother.


It just so happened that my brother Jason was in Chicago on the very day I had 12 hour to kill there before my next leg. Crazy, huh? He was attending a conference in town, but he bowed out a little early, and we met up outside one of those cloud reaching skyscrapers at 12:30. We were at Wrigley Field by 1:15. What a cool day. And the game- it started as a blowout but then turned into a nail biter. For the folks around me, at least. I gotta say- even though our seats were surprisingly good, I didn't really care much about the game. The temps were mild, white clouds rolled across a pretty blue sky, and I had the familiarity of family in the seat beside me. I'm sure the loaded polish sausage and cold beer I treated myself to didn't hurt matters either. And hey, after spending so much of my trip alone, I was delighted just to have finally have someone to talk to!


After the game we went back to Jason's hotel room, and while he went out for a jog(jog), I took the opportunity for a much needed shower. We grabbed dinner on the way back to Union Station at an awesome upscale Asian spot, splitting an asparagus appetizers, a seaweed salad, and 2 sushi rolls that we agreed were possibly the best we'd ever tasted. And then it was time for me to go. I'll admit to a sniffle or two after we parted ways, but who could blame me? I was headed back out into the big world, alone once again. Now I'm back on the train for another nap as we roll towards NYC. Day 14, end of scene.


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