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Day 16: Pass the Caprese!


Got a late start today. Due to a combination of train travel sleep deprivation, playing in NYC until the sun came up, and Lana and Steve's super cozy basement bedroom, I slept until 3pm. Wow. If you know me, you know I'm usually up by 7am ready to plow the north forty, so this was a doozy for me.


We chilled upstairs, and I spent some time getting to know Steve a little better. He and I had only met backstage at his shows (Steve, as in, Steve 'Zing' Grecco- musician extraordinaire), and only really in passing, so it was nice to finally be able to have time for a real conversation. Lana was feeling just as lazy as I was, even Otis the sweet puppy was worn out, so we all vegged, staying in our PJs until dinner.


When evening rolled around we dressed and then drove into nearby Ramsey to meet Steve's daughters for dinner at an old school Italian restaurant called Bon Giovanni's. I loved it. There is something so special about being adopted into someone else's family for a day. Especially if it includes a rockin Italian dinner as the focal point. Steve's girls were sweet and easy to talk to, and he is a born entertainer, full of hilarious and interesting stories. And Lana is consistently just a lovely person to be around. We went for ice cream afterwards, and then drove around nearby neighborhoods so I could have a little tour of their hamlet.


Back to the Grecco-Coffey digs, we took Otis for a walk and then watched Goodfellas together. This is where I learned that Otis does not like violent movies- he will stick his head right between pillows during the rougher scenes, and Steve does a mean Joe Pesci impression.


Lana and I have to be up at 5am to get me to the train on time, but we stayed up talking until well past midnight anyway. This was just one of those Sundays that you don't want it to end. But it must. I've been on the road for 16 days now, and tomorrow I head home... Day 16, no longer onscreen.


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