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Day 17: The End

Lana dropped me at the Mahwah station just before daybreak this morning. From there I took the train to Secaucus, caught a connection to Newark Penn, and then boarded an Amtrak for the journey home. During the 13 hour ride (it was supposed to be 12, but that's how Amtrak rolls), I finally finished my manuscript. 400+ pages fully edited. I edit on paper, so will still have to make the changes in my laptop, but the hard work is done. Goal accomplished.

What a ride it has been. The towns, the faces, the landscapes... from tossing and turning on a flattened pancake of a cushion in coach, to sleeping in a 4.5 star heavenly cloud in L.A.. From standing alone in the snow in Colorado, to sitting in Wrigley Field with thousands, watching the Cubs play. From jogging along the Mississippi in Memphis to Uberring around the dark and rainy streets of Manhattan. And from a carriage ride around the French Quarter, to walking the halls of Graceland, it's kinda like Elvis sang-

I find it all so amusing

To think I did all that

And may I say, not in a shy way

Oh no, no not me, I did it my way

It's 1am and I'm back at Mom's. In N.C., where I started. I'll spend the next few days sleeping, reading, and binge watching Mad Men and Game of Thrones. And pretty much trying to readjust to being in one place again for more than 5 minutes at a time, without the world rolling and shifting underneath me.

Friends, thank you for riding the rails with me. And the next time you have your own adventure, consider letting me ride along with you in some way.

Day 17, like it was all a dream...


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