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Day 5: Lean green L.A. scene

Today pretty much consisted of one endless 'How the frick is this my life?' moment after another. Starting at 11am, about the time I was sitting back in a cushy recliner in Malibu, enjoying a pedicure- now that's not a sentence you get to say every day, when I should have been in a cubicle across the country, praying for the clock to tick a little faster. After my polish dried, I stopped in at the juice bar next door and ordered something called a Lean Green- a smoothie loaded with enough Almond Butter to make it downright milkshake-y. Behind me in line stood an actress, whose name I still can't think of. With beverage in hand I cruised the PCH, careful not to speedbump any of the surfers changing into their wetsuits on the side of the narrow road.


Around lunchtime I took Sunset over to West Hollywood so I could check into my hotel. It was 65 degrees and overcast- maybe not the ideal LA weather, but it suited me just fine anyway. Once I dropped my belongings into my room, I grabbed my laptop and headed for the pool, settling into a spot on one of the sofas that dotted the area. Time to edit. Or that was the plan anyway. But almost immediately, a blonde sat on the other end of my sofa to catch a smoke, and when she and I glanced at on another, and realized we were wearing the exact same sunglasses- Ray-Ban mirror flash in blue, my plans were squashed. She told me she was a photographer, which was cool enough, but then she had a Kiwi accent to boot, so it really didn't matter what she told me, I would have happily listened to her read the phone book. So I closed my laptop and got to know my New Zealand sofa mate.   


And then a funny thing happened- the clouds parted. My new pal and I jumped up and hurried to our respective rooms, and were back by the pool in our bikinis in mere minutes. In order to do a little to offset the exorbitant room rates, the hotel gives you a couple of free drinks passes when you check in, so I spent the rest of the afternoon chilling by the pool with new friends, sipping on Grey Goose and soda, and soaking in the surprising sun.


Evening came, and soon it was time get ready. My old high school buddy Carlyle, and his wife Katrina, picked me up for our regular dive bar reunion at the Rainbow on Sunset, and our time together did not disappoint. It never does, Drinks, good food, tons of laughs, it was like no time had lapsed between our last Rainbow reunion at all. After a few hours my buds had to head home, it being a school night and all, but I stayed on to play with a few old and new buddies alike, right up until last call. It had become a bit of a tradition for one old friend at the Rainbow to drive me home when I happened to be in town, which worked out well for 2 reasons: A- he wasn't a drinker, and I def was, and B- he never minded when I asked him to detour up thru the Hollywood Hills on the way, so I could stand high above the lights of the city for a few moments to take it all in.      

Pretty soon I was back in front of the Sunset Marquis, thanking my friend for the ride, and waving him goodbye. I let myself back into my room, stripped out of my night-out duds, and sunk into the cloud they call a bed. I may not know exactly- 'How the frick this is my life', but I think it's probably better not to question it anyway. So I let it go, and while I was too boozy to worry about pajamas that night, I was definitely went to bed wearing a smile. Close of Day 5, feeling alive.


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