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Day 6: In n Out

I had so much planned to do today. A walk to Runyon Canyon for a midday yoga class. On the way back, a detour over to Melrose for some shopping. Lunch at Antonio's- a most excellent Mexican joint. And then an afternoon of editing by the pool. I managed to do none of these.


It was cold, windy, and rainy out, which was pretty much how my hangover had my brain feeling too. I did venture out, but only for a few blocks. I made it as far as Joe's pizza for a couple of slices, and then couldn't get back in bed soon enough. Yes, the weather sucked, and I was tired, but also and I had this weird sensation that I was in constant motion. Even when I was standing still, the world under me felt like one of those flat escalators at the airport. So I was more than happy to spend my entire day relaxing in that heavenly cloud that is a Sunset Marquis bed.


I cold have stayed there all night too, but I only made it until 8:30pm, and even though I tried to resist, tried to reason with myself that I wasn't even hungry! By 8:45pm I was cruising down the bright lights of Sunset with one destination in mind. In N Out. Soon I had a Double Double, animal style wrapped up in the seat beside me, and I was headed back to my room, but first- a little detour into the Hills. I don't know what it is about the Hills, but they beckon me. The unique homes, the winding, climbing roads, then the panoramic views from the top. A quiet little oasis stuck right in the middle of mayhem.


I feel no shame in telling you that my burger didn't make it back to my hotel with me. I ate the whole thing one-handed behind the steering wheel instead. And it was delicious. So that winds up my stay in LA. Tomorrow it's back on the rails. Day 6- time to hit the bricks.


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