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Day 7: Train day


This was a long day, with very little of interest to report. The trip up the coast from LA was gorgeous. I had an upper deck seat in a row to myself on the left side of the train, so I had the ocean beside me for a good bit. After a nap, I switched between editing, watching the end of The Casual Vacancy, and staring out the window for long stretches at a time. We traveled through tunnels, along the ocean, beside horse was really quite spectacular. Even the penitentiaries out there are picturesque. So if you're already planning to knock somebody off anyway, my advice is to do it in California, and serve your time with a view!  If that's how that works... I don't know. My brain is tired.


We had a huge delay somewhere around Salinas, which pretty much put the kibosh on my plans for San Fran this go round. I only had 1 night to spend in the Bay area anyway, and due to the delay I didn't get to check into my hotel until almost 1am. So you win some, you lose some, but I'm not sweating it. Back up at 7, it was time to begin the longest leg of the trip- from California to Chicago. 51 hours. Yikes- that sounds long! But I'm behind in my editing, so bring on the downtime.


Today I'm going to cheat a little and use a style called Decompression (to tell a story mainly by visuals, with few words), and wrap this entry up. Your girl needs a break from her laptop. 


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