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The Road Less Trampled

Not quite 2 months ago, I said goodbye to my job and home, and boarded a train. It was one of the best decision I've ever made. Since then I've seen death, new life, I've seen this country's landscape at its most majestic, and its most monotonous. I've gotten up early enough to jog through new cities, and I've stayed up late enough to see others setting out on their morning jogs. I've taken the time to reconnect with old friends, and gotten to know them as the people they are now. I've learned a new appreciation for my family, and how they shaped my past, as well as where, and sometimes if, they belong in my future. I've taken up a new sport (boxing) to which I'm now devoted. I've even resharpened my badminton skills!

But the main thing is— all of it mattered. Every day, every rain storm, every new experience since I walked away, it's all been absorbed into the folds of who I now am. And who I now am is still a definite work in progress, so while I always hesitate to give advice, I will offer this for anyone who feels as rootless as I do: no matter what you do in trying to find your way, make sure it all matters.  That you feel it deeply. And don't get me wrong, to paraphrase a line from 'Ordinary People' here- Feelings don't always tickle. But if you're willing to get uncomfortable in your skin for awhile, you just might find yourself closer to understanding who you really are. Not just where you fit in this big, beautiful, scary world, but also how this world can fit you. Because after all is said and done, isn't that what really matters?  


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